Poem #26

Rainbow’s edge

The pulsing undertow

of blue, indigo, violet

unfurls as a rainbow.

The end colours of the curve

shades of purple-blues

rise up like ghosts from the grave.

These spectres alight 

from the spectrum’s edge,

prefigure the elusive pot of gold.

Measured in steps, then 

swept along by hidden melodies

the quilt dances its own song.

Dancing on the Edge of the Rainbow. 72 x 57 cm.

15 thoughts on “Poem #26

  1. poem and quilt go hand-in-hand…grey is needed to direct the undertow even though IMHO purple hues rule…the pre-Kantha stitching is perfect, too…ragged edges from musical waves is sooooo true to the (he)art of creative composition…guess you can tell, this speaks to me!


    1. … use of colour, which advocated looking intently at the main colours, then squinting into a bright light, then looking at a blank piece of paper. Lo and behold, the grey-green colour splotched onto the paper. And that’s how I chose the background

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      1. Technique reminiscent of the 60’s – with primary colored squares & other shaped artwork filling galleries…and artists in the know telling observers about ‘after image’ as the operative way to really ‘see’ them. This is definitely several steps beyond that! Great 21st century application.


  2. Do you ever have the chance to submit your poems along with your quilts to a show? It seems a shame not to, but the word limit for quilt descriptions might be a problem. They really go together well.


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