Poem #28

Shifting Rock Strata

Taffeta is shot
with contrasting thread
so that the fabric tantalizes
in woofs and warps
as it follows the light.

I chose a range 
woven in earth tones
and a red-orange one for fire
to reflect our planet’s core
and its radiating rock strata.

The quilt probes
the secrets of Earth’s depths
where molten lava seethes
and a restless dragon furnaces a fire 
that pleats stone-steeled layers into folds. 

Or finds a fault and erupts.

Shifting Rock Strata (46 x 32 cm)

12 thoughts on “Poem #28

  1. This is wonderful – the poem truly enhances the quilt and visa versa…is the binding done up in taffeta as well?
    (Your comment to Asta about ‘coffee drinking days’ sounds most intriguing…maybe a blog post is in there somewhere?!)


    1. Thank you for your positive comments, Laura. You do have a sharp eye! The binding is not taffeta. As I recall, I used the leftover fabric from a dance dress I had made for one of our daughters. It was also shot fabric, but softer and more shiny than taffeta. The quilt was made in 2006 and I no longer own it, so am reporting from memory.
      (Ah yes, my coffee drinking days with my good friend Asta… We met at a local coffee shop when we were both writing theses and spent many many hours talking and swopping notes across the disciplines of pyschology and literature. After we graduated (Asta with a PhD) we continued to meet for the next decade or so, until she left town.)


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