On Milestones

Thank you WordPress for the digital {W} badge which popped up in my notifications a week ago to mark my “2 Year Anniversary Achievement”. Then yesterday I got another notice which said “Congratulations on writing 100 posts on Fabrications!”

At first I decided not to brag about this. Afterall one of the sites I follow ,& (or in full, “commaandco”) has written ten times that many posts. Read all about it at https://commaand.co/2020/01/18/1000-posts/ Then I thought, what the heck. So, to celebrate my century, here are some photographs. They are details from various quilts I have made over the years.

A random thought based on a calculation: There are 52 weeks in a year, I have been blogging for two years and have written 100 posts. Therefore I have almost met my target of writing a post a week.

17 thoughts on “On Milestones

  1. Looking at all that delicious stitching! You are so inspiring! Perhaps in 10 years I can stitch like you do! Oh and congratulations on your badge! I am glad you are part of our blogging community 🙂


    1. I am also glad to be part of this blogging circle. Thank you for taking me in.
      You are very kind and I am delighted that you find my stitching delicious. I have been doing it for 20+ years, so just keep threading that needle

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