‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’

The Brash Flower Garden quilt (or my self-challenge to make a large flower block every month) is more or less on track. It’s been a busy start to the year and here’s the recently completed March flower:

It’s a stylised magnolia, made as a reminder of the blossoming of the magnolia trees in the streets of London during March. What a magnificent and unexpected sight they were. I used chintz fabric (thanks Asta) and machine appliquéd the petals into place, then added the centre. The hand quilting and kantha-style stitching is what gives the flower a bit of depth.

For the April flower I made a sunflower in futile solidarity with Ukraine. It still has to be quilted. I had made sunflower blocks to contribute to the raffle quilt made by my quilting group, the QUOGS, to raise funds for Ukraine, so I could copy my own pattern. (By the way, the draw takes place on 4 May. If you wish to take a ticket, here’s the link.)

I plan to quilt the sunflower block over this long weekend and am looking forward to some quiet stitching. Meanwhile, here’s a set of photographs to show how the flower was constructed with machine appliqué. I used the same process for the magnolia flower, which is to place the outside whorl of petals down first, and then work towards the centre. Then I pin it all carefully in place and then machine it down.

While I have your attention (hopefully!) here is the completed February flower. This one is very heavily stitched, mostly by hand.

I plan to make a flower a month during 2022. Each block is 50 cm square and the twelve blocks will make up a single-bed sized quilt. For the centre of each flower I am using the same fabric, an African design of dotted, bright circles. The backing for each block is plain white and I am using the quilt-as-you-go method. The intensive stitching is therefore making a pleasing flower pattern on the reverse side of each block. (If you notice any repetition from the first post I wrote on the proposed Brash Flower Garden, I apologise.)

A Big Announcement

26 thoughts on “‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’

  1. Beautiful flowers! 👌🏻

    And i love the flyer for your exhibition.Thank goodness that this year the festival will go ahead full steam, with in-person attendance. 👏🏻



  2. Your flower quilt is going to be amazing. The hand stitching on the flowers adds a special spark, making them so much more interesting and beautiful!! That fabric for the centers is just perfect!


  3. Stunning flowers – but you saved the best for last, Mariss. Your big announcement is indeed a big announcement – can’t wait to see the posts on your getting ready for this & the actual display etc…fantastic. Congrats!


  4. The flowers are wonderful. I see you thanked someone for fabric they provided for one of your flowers and it made me a wee bit sad because in that package I had sent you that never arrived there were some fabrics that may have been useful in some of your art as well as a nice little handmade item. But I hope whoever got the package is enjoying it ha ha ha ha! Congratulations on the exhibition!


    1. I am also sad dear Tierney. Word on the ground is that there is a storeroom full of unprocessed parcels at the defunct post office. I am still hoping that they will clear the backlog or logjam of packages and that I will eventually receive your gift. One has to hope!
      We all use courier services now that the postal services are in such a slump.
      Thank you so much for your kind comments about the flowers and the exhibition

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh thank you for being pleased, Claudia. I must say I was pleased with myself for making the poster — with help from Canva, a very good design app.
    I am also very pleased that you like and see hope in the flowers I have made.


  6. I’m having some time out from blogging – a week or so back – everything just piled up – some parts getting better – but for now – I may only be placing a “like” – but your flowers both real and on cloth look great. As is the news of the exhibition


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