Here I am in front of one of my brighter creations, in my new life as a full-time artist

The links below will take you to photographs of my work

About Fabrications. The word fabrications is a contraction of fabric creations. It also means to tell tales. Thus it is the name of my blog which I write weekly about my stitching adventures. Thank you for being a reader.

About me. My name is Mariss Stevens and I am addicted to stitching. Because of this I have become a quilt maker and a textile artist.

My love affair with fabric and thread began in 2001 when I was shown the delights of quiltmaking by the Quilters of Grahamstowns (QUOGS). Since then I have honed my stitching skills, first by making bed quilts and then arts quilts. I have produced more than 100 quilts, from small to large, sombre to bright, and much inbetween. Houses and then trees have caught my imagination as subject matter. I am a member of the South African textile art group, Fibreworks. I have exhibited locally and overseas and have held three solo exhibitions in my hometown.

I live in a small town, Grahamstown/Makhanda, in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Having grown up in this part of the world I feel a strong affinity with the surrounding vegetation and veld.

As Mariss Everitt I have published a collection of poems called On Gardening. [Grahamstown: Aerial Publishing, 2008]

What do I do?

I have been many things: daughter, sister, spouse, mother, hiker, public relations officer, traveller, journalist, poet, gardener, school librarian, book buyer, academic, archivist, dog walker, journal writer

My proudest achievement is being mother to three beautiful daughters

I am still most of these things, but now spend the bulk of my time stitching. Textiles and thread have held my attention for over 20 years and, apart from my family, are an abiding fascination and delight

Another proud moment was a distinction for my master’s thesis

This is what I did in my prior life

Archivist at the National English Literary Museum (2007-2019)

Teaching Assistant and master’s student in the English Department at Rhodes University (2002-2006)

and various other jobs before that

papers published

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